Be Magnificently Boring to CARE!

Business leaders are happy because customers were satisfied with their product or service. But that’s not good enough. Satisfied customers feel that their experience was good, not better, just average. Nobody raves about average. And satisfied customers will not return as soon as they find an experience that is better or a price that is less expensive.

So don’t serve to sell to customers. And don’t serve to satisfy customers. Serve to WOW them. Serve to CARE.

  • COMMUNICATE with every customer with a smile, eye contact, and polite interaction. Inform each customer transparently and interactively of the product’s or service’s function, liabilities, and advantages to them.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE each customer’s presence and value to you and your business.
  • RESPOND promptly and empathetically to each customer’s questions, concerns, and complaints.
  • ENRICH the experiences and, ultimately, the lives of every customer.

And Be Magnificently Boring to CARE! Consistently CARE for your customers so repetitively that you feel it is boring, but to every customer, at that moment, you are Magnificent! Customers have an emotional connection with you. The more emotional the connections, the more memorable the experiences, and the more loyal the customers are. Loyal customers will return, again and again, raving about you to others. Consistency builds trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships build loyalty. Loyalty builds your business. 

QUI Takeaway: Be Magnificently Boring to CARE! When you are Magnificently Boring to CARE, your customers are WOWED and happy, returning again and again, raving to others on social media.

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2 responses to “Be Magnificently Boring to CARE!

  1. Scott Hannah

    Good morning, Bill. I enjoyed your email below and would like to forward it to our clients in the ski and lodging industry. Do I have your permission to do so?

    Scott Hannah
    Hannah Marketing Group/Guest Research, Inc.
    Greenwood Village, CO
    [signature_3150383411] 303.488.9808
    Driving Loyalty & Revenue with NPS®

  2. Thanks very much, Scott, for your kind words. It certainly would be my honor if you forward it to your clients. Just as an FYI, I should be publishing a post next Wednesday that offers “25 QUI QUOTES Reminders about Customers and Customer Service”. It would be your call which post would take priority.

    Thank you again, sir. I very much appreciate you. As you are always, be GREAT out there!

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