Customer CARE is the New Marketing

Through social media, people are talking about you whether you know it or not, like it or not. Customers who are dissatisfied with your service rant about their no class experience to others. They’re not just talking about you to their friends on social media. They’re telling everyone, even complete strangers.

If they’re not talking no class, then they’re just not talking about you at all. Customers who are satisfied with your service feel that their experience is good, not better, just average. Nobody raves about average. And satisfied customers won’t come back when they find something better or less expensive.

So don’t just serve to sell your products or services to customers. And don’t just serve to satisfy customers. Instead, serve to WOW them. Serve to CARE.

  • COMMUNICATE with every customer with a smile, eye contact, and polite interaction. Inform each customer transparently and interactively of the product’s or service’s function, liabilities, and advantages to them.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE each customer’s presence and value to you and your company.
  • RESPOND promptly and empathetically to each customer’s questions, concerns, and complaints.
  • ENRICH the experiences and, ultimately, the lives of every customer.

And when you CARE, each customer is WOWED and happy, intent on returning again and again, raving to others on social media. 

The New Marketing is not advertising online to your customers. It’s your customers raving about you to others on social media.

QUI QUOTE: Customer CARE is the New Marketing.


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2 responses to “Customer CARE is the New Marketing

  1. Barker, Matthew

    Great Stuff Bill! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are well!!!!


  2. Sadly, after my stroke, I’m still the slurred speech, one-armed, one-legged, not-so “Boy Wonder”. I sure do miss you all at MVC. Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to see and “speak” with all of you in the very near future. Until then, as have always been, be GREAT out there!

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