Amazon Customer Service Isn’t

I am a stroke victim, paralyzed from the right side. Also I am having certain short-term memory lapses.I have had severe constipation.

Because of that, I ordered a bottle of Phillips Milk of Magnesia from Amazon. I did not order two. Yet Amazon sent two bottles to me. According to the webpage, Amazon does not have a telephone customer service. Only a page on their website. I explained that I did not order. In order to send I had to close, reset my password and re-open. In response to their webpage, they responded on a NO REPLY email that it was not unauthorized. I had to type on the webpage that I DID NOT authorize it. In order to send, I was forced to close and reset my password. Again, in a NO REPLY, they claim tersely it was NOT unauthorized. And again, I said I personally did not sign the order. And again, to send it I had to close, reset my password and reopen. And again, in a NO REPLY email, they said unempathetically it was not unauthorized. ZERO empathy! I have had to painfully endure this ‘I did not, Oh yes, you did, Oh no, I didn’t’, Oh yes you did’ complaint dialog, having had to reset my password after every email and webpage response. It is even more frustrating when I have had to retype with only one hand. And while I remember Amazon’s website, I do not memorize the password.

In the end, Amazon customer service is unempathetically HEARTLESS. Just the WORST!


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2 responses to “Amazon Customer Service Isn’t

  1. Jim Driver

    Sorry to hear this Bill. I hope things get better soon for you!
    I’ve had a similar problem with Facebook. It’s been 4 months and I still can’t boost any posts. Imagine that: Facebook won’t let me spend money with them. It’s my account that got hacked and I’m being punished. Good luck to you!

  2. Sorry to read of your problem, Jim. Behemoths like Amazon and Facebook see our issues as pennies, but for individuals like you and me, we see them as unbearable costs to us. You, for not being able to spend it and me with spending it too much.

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