It’s time for a Customer Service Culture Transformation to Customer CARE

Is customer service the frontline? Really? Are we called to duty on the frontline battling customers? Doctors and nurses don’t serve their ailing patients. They care. So shouldn’t customer service be customer care? Or even better …

We are the Customer CARE team.

We CARE for each member of our team:

We COMMUNICATE with each other. We listen to our team’s questions, concerns, and complaints with empathy and compassion. We express information, and our suggestions and recommendations.

We APPRECIATE our team’s role, responsibilities, and actions, and their suggestions and recommendations.

We RECOGNIZE, honor, and offer accolades for our team’s acts of service.

We EMPOWER our people to act on their own to do what is right for our team and our customers.

And when we CARE each team member is energized and enthused to engage with each other and our customers.

We CARE for each customer:

We COMMUNICATE with each customer with a smile, eye contact, and polite interaction. We inform each customer with transparency of the product’s or service’s function, liabilities, and advantages. We listen to understand the customer’s questions, concerns, and complaints.

We ACKNOWLEDGE each customer’s presence and value to us.

We RESPOND to each customer’s questions, concerns, and complaints politely with empathy.

We ENRICH the experiences of every customer.

And when we CARE each customer is wowed and happy, intent on returning again and again, raving to others along the way.

Customer service is for a job. If all a person did was for a job, then it would be to satisfy a customer. Satisfied customers feel that customer service is good, but not more than was expected, just average. So satisfied customers don’t rave about you to others. And satisfied customers may leave when they find something better or less expensive. So don’t have a job that satisfies customers.

Instead, invest in Customer CARE to develop your people to wow your customers. And when your people are energized and engaged to enthuse your customers, everyone’s lives will be enriched.

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