Don’t serve to satisfy. Serve to WOW! Serve to CARE.

“Customers perceive service in their own unique, idiosyncratic, emotional, irrational, end-of-the-day, and totally human terms. Perception is all there is!” Tom Peters.

Customers are paying for their experience, not your product or service. They buy with emotion and justify that decision with reason. And customers seek the best emotional value for their experience, not your logical best price.

Your value to the customer is in the interaction, not the transaction. So think RELATIONSHIPS or Go Broke. Don’t serve to sell to customers. Don’t serve to satisfy customers. Serve to WOW them. Serve to CARE.

  • COMMUNICATE with each customer with eye contact, a smile, and polite interaction. Inform each customer transparently and interactively of the product’s or service’s function, liabilities, and advantages to them.

  • ACKNOWLEDGE each customer’s presence and value to your business.

  • RESPOND empathetically to customer questions, concerns, and complaints.
  • ENRICH the experiences of every customer.

And when you CARE, each customer is wowed and happy, intent on returning, raving to others.

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