“If you knew then what you know now” in 140 characters.

If you want only a five-minute speech, it will take me two weeks to prepare.” — Mark Twain.

In just the recent past, job coaches were recommending that candidates have an elevator speech ready for any opportunity. Then it became a sound bite. Now a candidates’ opportunity may be only within the 280 characters of Twitter. So let’s turn the tables. As a leader, you serve as a mentor for the people who will want to succeed. They use Twitter as much as we use email. So in 280 characters, what advice would you give? Sorry, no short links or video allowed. I’ll compile and publish the very best, crediting you. So what worldly leadership wisdom would you tweet?

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One response to ““If you knew then what you know now” in 140 characters.

  1. The use of proper English, proper etiquette and dressing appropriately for every business day will start you off on good communication skills. How you are perceived is your reality. Be open to change.

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